Legacy of the Old Ones

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Game 1 Notes

July 3, 2016 – Game 1

Characters start on the ship “Genevieve’s Lust” heading into the Border Prince’s Region. They pass the Dragon’s Back Mountains. Our Adventurers have spent 3.5 days at sea and are headed to Barak Var. The current year is 2526.

Encounter a large green turtle shell with purple dots. The crew fires harpoons at it. They want to bring it in to feed the crew. First harpoon misses. 2nd harpoon hits and goes straight through the shell. The shell cracks and is revealed to be made of wood. Third harpoon hits at the top and goes through the top. It fractures like wood again and the starts to be bubbles forming in the water around the shell. The crew starts to pull it in and comment that it is light. The shell flips and reveals to be made of wood and a goblin has been stabbed through by a harpoon. The crew starts to prepare for boarders.


Ravandil tries to climb the mast with a longbow but slips and falls, caught by a rope around his ankle. Greenskin/Goblins start to climb up onto the ship. Bob finds a dead body in the hold, where he had gone just before the attack started. Ramiel makes an elaborate display with his sword and goes to touch a goblin but misses. Hausst starts to chant “Raven’s blood.” Mordrin pulls back to guard the entrance to the hold so the Greenskins won’t get the booze. The crew and the Goblins start fighting. Initially the crew is on the losing side of the fight. 1/5 of the crew falls at first. Turns out the Goblins are being lead by Hobgoblins. Ravandill flips up and and lands, ready to fight with his bow. Ramiel heads into the hold. Hausst frenzies and swings at a goblin, missing. The crew and Greenskins continue to fight. The crew rallies around the captain, but is still on the losing end. The first mate falls via an arrow to the eye. The deck is flooded with goblins. 15-20 goblins. 5-6 hobgoblins. Bob continues searching the hold for things that don’t belong. Ravandil shoots at a Goblin and misses. Ramiel goes down into the hold, trying to imitate the voice of the captain, badly. Hausst swings agains and misses. A goblin charges at Mordrin, who swings and misses at the Greenskin. The crew is getting chopped down. A beady eyed little man with two bone daggers stalks after Ramiel in the hold. Bob swings and misses with his sling at the assassin. Ravandill shoots one of the hobgoblins in the leg. Ramiel tries to shock the assassin and misses. He disengages. Hausst finally catches a goblin with a frenzied body, cutting the greenskin in half. Several of the greenskins flee in terror. Mordrin swings and misses. Several Goblins charge Hausst but miss. Mordrin swings and breaks a greenskin arm with his hammer. The battle continues for about five minutes. At the end of the battle only the party and 2 sailors remain.

Sounds (crazed mutterings) come from one of the private cabins. Hausst takes down the door with his axe. It is a common appointed cabin. Inside is someone dressed as a diplomat/envoy. He has stringy greasy graying hair, with a patchy beard. His face is covered in self inflicted nail scratches. He points at a table where a rusted helm is and screams “its mine.” The man attacks Hausst with a dagger. Haustt knocks him out. A map, a letter, an antique coin, and a rusted plate helm are found. The man wants the coin. Ramiel interrogates the man, Sandal el Tari, about the coin. The man’s voice changes saying “You can’t play games with me.” Hausst tries and fails to intimate the changed man. The Changed Man starts to chant and a warm breeze stars in the cabin. Hausst puts a hand over the Changed Man’s mouth. Up in the ceiling is the symbol on the letter chalked into the roof. The circle of it starts to glow with a white light. Ramiel tries to charm the Changed Man by playing good cop bad cop with Hausst. The Changed Man agrees to tell the story of the coin if Ramiel brings the coin closer, just out of arms reach.

The story is as follows. It is a special coin. The Man spits on the coin and it sizzles. A small flame sprouts in the middle of the floor. Mordrin dumps the bucket of water is bringing into the cabin and dumps it on the flame. Steam comes up and the flames spreads. It then collapses back down into a demonic form. The remaining sailors flee and jump overboard. Hausst slams his great axe into the floor three times and the demon follows the sound but seems to not be able to see. The demon responds badly at the name of the Raven God. Ramiel releases the demon. Hausst and Mordrin engage the demon after he almost kills Ramiel. The Demon knocks Mordrin unconscious. Ravandill abandons ship in a small boat. After being hit in the leg, Hausst finally kills the Demon. The ship starts to burn. Ramiel steals the dead nobles things and paperwork. The ship is grounded and salvage is being pulled from the burning hulk.

Game 2 Notes

Magical Tavern – The Lost River Inn – Grumpy inkeeper that doesn’t like Elves.

Romando Constantin – Follower of Morr

Game 3 Notes

Tavern sign with crossbow with arrow nocked on fire. The Flaming Crossbow.


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